The future of Credit Card Rewards Points is Blockchain.

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Your rewards points should be immediately liquid and growing.

Any time another member of the community cashes out their P3C points, or new points are created, 10% is paid to all points holders. The more P3C points you have, and the longer you hold, the more you can earn.

Total Control of Your Rewards.

Secure your points the way you secure your crypto.


Any transaction in the system, globally, generates funds for other users. This is done instantly using a 600-line Smart Contract.


The core contract is accessible by anbody, anywhere, at anytime. It cannot be taken down or modified, even by us. See it yourself.


Every reward point is redeemable for Ethereum Classic (ETC). One of the largest cryptocurrencies, ETC can be traded on many exchanges for local fiat.


This contract is secured by the full power of the Etheruem Classic blockchain. It has been verified, audited, and has been active on mainnet since July 2018.

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